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7 Common Problems of iPhone

An iPhone is an iPhone. It’s one of the best smartphones ever built and always comes packing the top rank when it comes to overall performance, look and feel. However, this doesn’t go t...

Fahim Ahmed Chowdhury

September 12,2020

Track Your Order Live - A Magical Service by

Are you struggling with your device issues? Are you struggling to get your phone fixed because of the fear of getting infected by Corona? Have you stopped going to physical stores to get your phone...

Fahim Ahmed Chowdhury

September 6,2020 - A One Stop Solution for your Tablets and Smartphones

You finally bought yourself a new phone for which you saved up money in the bank for months. You use it, play with it, experience the amazingness in your hands, and one day, BOOM! A disaster happen...

Fahim Ahmed Chowdhury

September 1,2020