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7 Common Problems of iPhone

An iPhone is an iPhone. It’s one of the best smartphones ever built and always comes packing the top rank when it comes to overall performance, look and feel. However, this doesn’t go towards as to say it doesn’t come with its fair share or problems.

Like every other smartphone manufacturing company, iPhone too has many flaws and complaints often reported by the general public. In this guide, you’ll learn about the common problems of the iPhone that users face 

Problems of iPhone 

Users of the iPhone face several issues and problems. One might experience any or most of the problems given in the list below:

Broken Display

Perhaps the most common and the most expensive problem for iPhone users is a broken display. It can sometimes take as much as half the price of the phone to fix the broken display. Whether you have a cracked or broken display, here at you can get authentic repairment service for your iPhone. 

Water Damaged Phone

Have you accidentally spilled your iPhone on water and the device is not working anymore? Are you having issues with display as a result of water getting in? Well, don’t worry as this is one of the most common causes of iPhone damage. But here at we take care of that problem for you

Battery Life Issues

Often times the customers complain about having battery drain issues when it comes to the iPhone. This usually happens after a new IOS upgrade. However, there can be several other reasons why your battery drains faster than the speed of light. Luckily, assures you a hassle-free solution and can even replace your old battery with a brand new one fresh off the box

Forgot Passcode

It’s a natural phenomenon to not being able to remember the last password you set for your device. However, unlike other devices, the security system of the iPhone is quite different. Do not make several attempts to try and login to your phone. Doing this repeatedly will cause your device to lock out for 5,10,15 and 20 minutes respectively until your phone finally gets disabled.

Disabled Phone 

When your phone gets disabled you are in a tight situation. A failed attempt in logging in to your account several times often lead to this problem. Dealing with the problem manually can lead to permanent data loss if the files aren’t backed up in the iCloud server. Save yourself the trouble and come to to get it fixed

Touch ID/Face ID not Working/Disabled

One of the most common issues both iPhone and several other smartphone faces is the touchscreen not working. This often leads to a myriad of issues starting from you not being able to get any functionality out of the phone to not being able to press any icons properly. 

This often causes glitch and terrible issues and sometimes might require an entire touch screen replacement. Here, at we provide authorized mobile parts including touch IDs and screens too

White Screen

Sometimes failure during the upgrade, jailbreak, or hardware problem might cause the iPhone screen to be completely white rendering all other functions useless. A forced factory reset is usually the way out of the problem, however that also risks you losing all your files if you haven’t backed them up yet.


To conclude we believe that here at we are engineered to take care of all the problems you face while using iPhone including the ones above. Having malfunctions or problems with an iPhone is no reason to panic. Because there’s nothing here that we can’t fix. So don’t fret.

Before you go, please leave us a comment down below. Tell us the different iPhone issues you faced up until now.